Should Your Resume & LinkedIn be Matchy-Matchy?


September is International Update Your Resume Month, so as a public service announcement, this is a reminder to manage your career and keep your resume and other career documents up to date.

Since we are on the topic of resumes, many people ask if their LinkedIn should match their resume or not. The correct answer to this question could be NO, MAYBE, YES, or YES BUT. It’s really a matter of your own personal philosophy.

Be mindful that if you ask 10 people how to write a resume and LinkedIn profile, you will get 15 different answers.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, so below is mine, as one of the YES BUTs. I think everything that is on a resume should go on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn should be embellished even more.

No matter what, you should have well written content that has white space in between the bullet points so it is skimmable and scannable. So let’s compare some of the basic sections of each document.

Item Resume LinkedIn
Headline (key titles and keywords) 120 characters; don’t waste a line for the words “Summary Profile” 120 characters
Value Proposition Written in 1st person implied “I” copy in About Section
Core Competencies (keywords) Alpha order copy in About section
Career Highlights (Accomplishments) Bullet pointed list copy in About section
Sentence that shows you are likeable and relatable, and have some hobbies or  interests No write in About section
Professional (or Work) Experience Yes Yes
Education Yes Yes
Honors & Awards Yes Yes
Community Service Yes Yes

You can see that when you compare some of the standard resume sections to those in the LinkedIn profile, you can utilize all the verbiage you have prepared. However, in LinkedIn, here are a few more things you can do.

Although the “To DO” list goes on for LinkedIn, this is a good solid start.

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Lynne Williams is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit of almost 4300 members providing career education and networking. Contact Lynne by phone at 484-393-2951, email at, on social media @GreatCareersPHL and #GreatCareersPHL and connect on LinkedIn at Check out the new website!