Make Your Linkedin Profile Skimmable and Scannable


Do YOU read the paragraphs on people’s Linkedin profiles? If the answer is NO, then others are not reading YOUR paragraphs either.

We are all inundated with so much content daily that we have had to change the way we read.

Not only are we doing nonlinear reading, but we are skimming and scanning to get the gist of things … unless it is of very keen personal interest.

Check out this article from the Washington Post noting how we are engaged in superficial reading, according to cognitive neuroscientists.

So, when you are creating content on LinkedIn, consider using white space in between bullet points.

It makes a really big difference, as you can see from the images below. If you are adding numbers, they pop out a little better too.

Another tip is that the bullet points are easier to read if they are one or two lines long, rather than three or more. When there are three or more lines, it starts to become more of a dense paragraph.

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