Is Your LinkedIn Photo Friendly and Charismatic?


By Lynne Williams

Pulchritudinous or picture-less YOU? That is the question! Did you know that you will get 21x more views on your LinkedIn profile with a photo than not? In addition, you will also get 36x more messages when you have a photo. Think of your photo as your curb appeal!

Although you can certainly invest in a professional quality photo (or have one taken for FREE at the Chester County Library 8 times a year when I teach LinkedIn workshops monthly on a Saturday), you are much better off having a picture on your profile than having the gray circle with a the center that looks more like a coat hanger than a profile outline.

Even if you do have a charismatic photo of yourself, you may not have the correct buttons checked on your public profile settings. As an example, my daughter used to work at Unionville High School and connected with other edtech colleagues. As a first level connection, she could see a colleague’s friendly smiling face. When I looked him up as a second level connection, I got the coat hanger. Why? Because he chose the wrong button on his public profile settings.

Here’s the link so you can check to make sure your profile photo visibility settings are set to public.

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