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Many people get comfortable in their routines, and that can lead to them becoming complacent when it comes time for necessary change. That is likely a contributing factor that led to many offices being caught off guard for being able to communicate with their workers virtually once the pandemic hit.

Though some companies are pushing to bring all employees back into the building, virtual communication is not going to disappear. Offices need to update and prepare for that inevitability.

A post from Technically sparked this conversation, explaining how unequipped some companies really are, and what they can do to rectify that.

The legal team from the Technically piece utilized the tools of Haverford Systems which customizes the technological needs of each office. One step Haverford takes that everyone should is that they evaluate what the building is capable of prior to making plans.

They determine what kind of power output there is to work with, room dimensions for equipment, and other limiting factors.

However, the options you can implement are incredibly varied. Some mentioned include speakers throughout the ceiling so everyone can hear sound clearly without needing to be near the source.

Wireless microphones that can be moved around the conference table are another tool to make life easier.

And you can have a designated tablet for the conference room that provides you with all the features you would want, such as adjusting sound levels, playing media on the room’s primary screen, and access to all your Zoom controls.

The needs of every office will differ, so it would be worthwhile to have a company like Haverford come in for an assessment of what could be improved. The conference rooms that worked in the past won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to modernize your communication so workers both in-person and virtual can be accommodated.

To learn more about what can be done to modernize the conference room, read Technically’s post on the subject here.


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