West Chester Firm Launches NetChange To Streamline Networks


EfficientIP of West Chester recently announced the launch of a new network management solution – NetChange.

The company states NetChange integrates directly with EfficientIP’s device manager solution, enabling network designers to create and visualize a network’s architecture and then deploy the new network directly from the new design. NetChange can help large enterprises streamline networks for cost savings.

“Network configuration has long been considered a labor-intensive task requiring skilled, costly administrators, that is inherently vulnerable to human error,” David Williamson, chief executive officer at EfficientIP, stated in a news release.

“Organizations of all sizes are having to review their network design due to increased demands being placed on the infrastructure by today’s data-driven and mobile workforce,” he said. “Network architects are increasingly demanding a more rapid and error-free way to take their infrastructure designs through to deployment, and now with NetChange we provide them with the means to do this.”

EfficientIP is headquartered in West Chester and has offices in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. The company aims to drive business efficiency through innovative use of IT.

EfficientIP produces framework, devices and network configurations to enhance the security, availability and agility of a company’s IT infrastructure.

Vodaphone, Leeds Metropolitan University, Bank of France and Philips use EfficientIP solutions daily in their diverse operations. More technical information is on the company’s web site.