Here’s Why Business Is Booming for This Car Dealership in West Chester


Image via MediaNews Group.

Brett Sholder, the owner of Sky Motor Cars in West Chester, has been seeing record sales after he was able to reopen his car dealership in May, writes Jen Samuel for the Daily Local News.

“Business has been booming,” said Sholder.

While May brought in regular numbers, June and July posted record numbers for the business.

“We’ve been very busy,” said Sholder. “Consumers have confidence, and they’re buying.”

He then said there has been nothing typical about current sales. August started strong but slowed down as people went away to the shore.

But with increased demand and lower supply due to the closing of factories as non-essential businesses, prices of vehicles have been creeping up in the past several months. However, Sholder does not believe that this will last much longer.

“That bubble is going to burst real soon,” he said. “You can’t keep going in the trajectory that it has been. There’s going to be a huge adjustment in the market, backward not forward. The pricing of the vehicles is going to go down soon, a lot.”

Read more about Sky Motor Cars in the Daily Local News here.

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