Marine Dealership in Malvern Attests to Pandemic-Driven Demand for Boats

Image via Charles Fox, Philadelphia Inquirer.

With the pandemic boosting boat sales as families continue to look for a way to maintain social distancing while outside, local boat dealers are having trouble meeting the growing demand, writes Frank Fitzpatrick for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ever since stay-at-home orders began to gradually be relaxed in late April, frantic buyers have been snapping up everything from rafts and canoes to powerboats and yachts, quickly stripping dealers of all inventory.

“There’s more demand than can be met because people can’t find boats,” said Jack Ott, manager of Clews & Strawbridge, a marine dealership in Frazer. “You call other dealers and they can’t help. They’re in the same situation.”

And the shortages are not just limited to boats. Dealers are also out of parts, motors, and even some accessories.

However, the supply-chain challenges could be coming to an end soon, as boat factories in the U.S. are starting to begin operating once again after the easing of governmental restrictions.

“We hear that things might be back to normal by the fall,” said Ott. “But that’s too late to help our summer season.”

Read more about Clews & Strawbridge in The Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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