As Quarantine-Induced Cabin Fever Peaks, So Do Sales at This Bike Shop in Paoli

Kimberly McGuane
Image via SAVVY Main Line.

With the trails open and quarantine-induced cabin fever reaching its peak, local bike shops are seeing a surge in sales, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

“Bikes are the new toilet paper,” said Gary Berenbroick, manager of Keswick Cycle in Paoli.

He said that sales volume at the store has doubled since the pandemic began, with kids bikes and entry-level bikes for their parents selling better than ever.

“Families are out riding together, which is awesome to see,” said Berenbroick. “It’s at least one positive thing to come out of this.”

Those wanting cheaper bikes – under $500 – have to be patient, as they are being back-ordered and will trickle in throughout the summer. Those who do not want to wait can spend on more expensive models.

Berenbroick emphasized that all bike shops in the area are swamped with requests, but he still advised to call around if the bike you are searching for is sold out at one place.

“Everyone is in the same situation but you might get lucky,” he said.

Read more about Keswick Cycle at SAVVY Main Line here.

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