West Chester OB-GYN Goes Viral on TikTok for Sharing Unusual Way Surgeons Tie Their Laces

west chester Justin Sloane
Image via New York Post.

Dr. Justin Sloane, a West Chester OB-GYN, has gone viral on TikTok for demonstrating the unusual way surgeons tie their laces: they use the same technique as they do on blood vessels, writes Andrew Court for the New York Post

The viral video was uploaded earlier this week to WebMD’s official account, where it immediately caused a stir among the growing number of viewers. 

Sloane demonstrated the technique in his blue surgical scrubs after he donned a pair of black running shoes. 

“It’s called a surgeon’s knot,” explained a voice-over in the video. “Once it’s tied, it never loosens.” 

In the video, the doctor tightens the laces before he puts the left lace over the right. Then he threads the left lace under the right one for a second time to create an additional “throw.” He completes the process by looping the laces in a single knot. 

Many viewers were shocked by how simple the technique is and some of them have already vowed to try it out. 

Read more about Justin Sloane in the New York Post


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