6ABC: Chester County Hospital Nurse ‘Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves’


Lissette “Mitzy” Liriano, a nurse at the OB/GYN Clinic at Chester County Hospital, works to ensure that her patients receive the resources that they may not otherwise be able to afford, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6ABC. 

The clinic offers patients gynecological and prenatal care, as well as childbirth services, at a reduced cost. Liriano, who is a registered nurse and mental health specialist, also offers them mental health resources. 

“Our goal is to help those who can’t help themselves,” said Liriano. “A lot of the patients that come in here have never been seen by a doctor, let alone have an appointment to be seen by a therapist.” 

She claims that around 60 percent of patients who come in suffer from mental health issues, but do not know how to find help. Additionally, other patients include immigrants affected by their passage from another country and those who may be leaving an abusive relationship. 

Regardless of their circumstances, Liriano has made it her mission to save lives. 

“I really feel that I’m where I’m supposed to be, where I’m destined to be, and where I’m supposed to serve God and his people,” she said. 

Read more about Lissette “Mitzy” Liriano at 6ABC

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