Career Corner: What Are the Job Prospects for Nurses in Pennsylvania?

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By Chris Isaac

They say there will always be work in the medical field, and with the demand for medical care thanks to COVID, you would believe that must be particularly true for this last year. But does the data support that the nursing field is doing well in 2021?

With this week being National Nurses Week, personal-finance site WalletHub released a report using data to examine what the job prospects are for a nurse based on each state.

The report found that nursing is generally a strong career with low unemployment, expectation for significant job growth over the next decade, and a base salary around $100,000.

But how did Pennsylvania specifically match up when compared to other states?

With all 50 states ranked based on a combination of factors such as their salary, job opportunities, and competition, Pennsylvania came in at number 33 overall. While not terrible, that might be a bit more middle-of-the-road than you hoped.

That might be particularly surprising considering the Commonwealth is the home to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country.

So why is Pennsylvania so far down the list? Pretty poor rankings in some categories definitely factor into that. In terms of projected competition by 2028, Pennsylvania ranked in at number 45 of the 50 states.

And for nurses per capita, Pennsylvania ranked number 41.

So that means by comparison the state is lacking in terms of the amount of nurses in the area. Which is unusual considering the state ranks fairly high in some other categories.

For health-care facilities per capita Pennsylvania comes in at number 11. And for nursing job openings per capita Pennsylvania is number 14. So despite the comparably low number of nurses in the region, it sounds like there are actually good job prospects for nurses in Pennsylvania.

That data seems to suggest it’s more a lack of interest in Pennsylvania than lack of opportunity.

If you were interested in seizing that opportunity, places like Wilmington University can help you enter the health care field or advance your health care career. They offer various certificate programs with a health and nursing focus that can be completed virtually to augment your résumé.

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Despite some states ranking better than others, the data supports the claim that nursing is overall a stable field to go into. And with nursing job opportunities only expected to grow, it’s looking like a bright future.

To learn more about how Pennsylvania ranked in each category, check out the report from WalletHub by clicking here.


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