Cosmetic Surgeon Lifts West Chester Professional’s Spirits, Among Other Things

cosmetic surgeon
Image via Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgical Center.
Dr. Jonathan Pontell.

When a 56-year-old marketing manager from West Chester realized her reflection in the mirror was starting to look saggy, she decided to make an appointment with Wayne’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgical Center to consider her options. Debra Wallace profiled the resulting perk-up for Main Line Today.

“I know we age, but I felt what I was seeing was premature,” said Lori, who preferred not to use her full name.

At first, her husband was against the mini-facelift she had opted for with Dr. Jonathan Pontell. But after the procedure was done, he admitted it looked great.

“This has been a real game-changer,” said Lori. “I have a family wedding coming up soon, and I can’t wait to get dressed up for the festivities and take family photos.”

The procedure she underwent targets the laxity of the cheeks, jawline, and neck. Since fewer incisions are used than in a traditional facelift, recovery is faster and easier. Lori was able to return to work three weeks after the procedure. And despite her short hair, no scaring is visible behind her ears.

“Dr. Pontell does incredible work,” said Lori. “I knew it was going to turn out well.”

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