Despite Playing Hard, Downingtown Pediatric Nurse Voted Out of Tribe on ‘Survivor’ TV Series

Lindsay Carmine voted off
Image via CBS.
Lindsay Carmine being voted off.

Despite playing hard, Lindsay Carmine, a 42-year-old pediatric nurse from Downingtown, was voted out of the Coco Tribe in the latest episode of the 43rd episode of Survivor, writes Elizabeth Kwiatkowski for Reality TV World

Carmine was voted out at Tribal Council following a 1-1-4 vote on Night 9 of the game due to her paranoia after the season’s fourth Immunity Challenge. 

“I thought my alliance was going to stick with me, and they turned on me,” said Carmine after she was eliminated. 

“I did play my ass off, but it came at a cost,” she added. “I only know one way to go, as hard as I can. I waited 22 years to play this game, and I wasn’t going to do it half-ass. I’m really proud of myself, and it was everything I wanted it to be — not as long, but I’m really happy.” 

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Immunity Challenge.
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