Bubble Tea Has Become a Global Craze. Here’s Where to Get the Popular Drink in Chester County

Image via Bill Rettew, Daily Local News.

Bubble tea is a drink that has seemingly taken the world by storm in recent years, and it has become especially popular on the Main Line, writes Tori Bissonnette for Main Line Today

The tasty drink hails from Taiwan, and the “bubbles” are small, chewable balls with flavors like tapioca or fruity popping boba that bursts in your mouth. 

On 18 North High Street in West Chester, TSAō·CHA is a newly installed boba shop that offers a variety of tea flavors and bubbles to choose from, including a selection of desserts as well. 

Translating as “tea pilgrimage” from Chinese, TSAō·CHA’s menu has items such as the popular Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea, Peach Oolong Tea, Jasmine Green Milk Bubble Tea, and Colorful Fruits Ruby Tea. 

Located at 5 Paoli Plaza in Paoli, Cup of Dreams and Coffee features delicious milk teas and traditional flavors like lychee, red bean, and taro. The milk teas are created with non-dairy milk.  

The shop also boasts a wide, customizable menu of signature coffee and light food. 

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