Estrella Gives Patrons a Taste of Texas Deep in the Heart of Downingtown

Dan Weckerly

Estrella Tacos y Mas gives its patrons a little taste of Texas deep in the heart of Downingtown, reports Vittoria Woodill for CBS Philly.

The popular restaurant is located in a former firehouse and is a hot spot for tasty Tex-Mex food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere filled with flair and flavor. This was the aim that the owners — C.W. Bruton, a third-generation Downingtown resident, and his wife, Megan, a native Texan — envisioned after their exit from the corporate world.

“We’ve had great rides with other companies,” said C.W. “We just decided we wanted to do it for ourselves.”

The two admit, however, that now that they have started their own restaurant, they would not have been able to survive the pandemic without the generosity of their customers.

“When we went from dining into takeout, the tips were crazy,” said C.W. “So much so that we were able to just pour tons more money even to our crew that wasn’t working.”

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