Rapper Rob Level Talks With Child Guidance About Mental Health/New Single

David Bjorkgren

Child Guidance Resource Centers had the honor to host an interview with Rob Level, iTunes Top 100 Artist and CEO of Smart Rapper.com, the world’s largest online resource HUB for rappers.

He reaches hundreds of thousands of subscribers across his social media channels daily, creates and innovates educational products and runs multiple popular YouTube channels.

Rob is a self-made millionaire and mental health advocate. He has motivated millions with his honesty and real talk advice for success.

Rob’s success stems from a lot of hard work, but also the struggles he faced as a child. Given up for adoption at the age of 5 by his mother and later hospitalized for mental health by his adoptive parent, he struggled with mental health and anger issues until he was an adult.

Music, the universal language for many people, served as his outlet throughout his struggles and now he uses it to help others.

His history with mental health has helped him build his business into a success. His advice for youth is to learn from your anger, become a goal setter and do not allow peer pressure to consume you.

Rob’s new single, “A Screwed Up True Story” with music video, was just released on Jan. 13th.

The music showcases Rob’s struggles with anger, mental health illness and growing up in a dysfunctional environment.

The video takes place in a therapist’s office, a conscious effort to raise awareness and help overcome the stigma that negates people from seeking professional help.

Fifty percent of all proceeds will be donated to mental health organizations like Child Guidance Resource Centers.

To see the full inspirational interview with Rob Level click this link.

If you are interested in purchasing “A Screwed Up True Story” click here.