Glenmoore Boy with Childhood Alzheimer’s Continues to Bring Out the Best in Others

Kimberly McGuane
Image via Jessica Griffin, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Connor Dobbyn, a Glenmoore boy with Childhood Alzheimer’s, continues to bring out the best in other people, writes Maria Panaritis for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Panaritis, who wrote about the boy in January, found a pile of unopened mail while moving office buildings last month. One of them was postmarked Jan. 28.

Inside the envelope was $50 and a note scribbled on an index card.

“Ms. Panaritis,” said the note. “Please pass this on to Connor’s family. I don’t have computer or checking account. God Bless the Children!”

The envelope came from within Philadelphia, but there was no name or return address on it. It had sat on a desk for months as the pandemic forced everybody to leave their offices and work from home.

But once the letter was uncovered, it came as a reminder of a true selflessness and empathy that requires no recognition.

“To whomever sent it, I say thank you,” wrote Panaritis. “I will give your $50 to Connor’s family. And I will do so knowing that in so deadly, cynical, and divided a year, your value is worth billions more.”

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