September 8 Morning Update on COVID-19 in Chester County

Mark Hostutler

Editor’s Note: The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s daily report for confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Chester County and Delaware County have not accurately reflected the actual number of cases in both counties. This is usually because of Delaware County cases that are incorrectly assigned to Chester County, which the Chester County Health Department corrects prior to reporting. The state’s data then reflects the corrections in its next data update. Consequently, the county’s numbers are the most accurate.

Based on the information found on Chester County’s COVID-19 Dashboard, there are a total of 5,821 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 359 deaths in Chester County.

COVID-19 is officially present in all 73 of Chester County’s municipalities.

Chester County’s 5,821 cases represent 4.2 percent of Pennsylvania’s 139,863 cases.

The following are the number of confirmed cases and deaths in nearby counties, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

County # of Cases # of Deaths
Berks County 6,312 385
Bucks County 8,084 590
Delaware County 10,659 728
Lehigh County 5,308 345
Philadelphia County 29,904 1,776
Lancaster County 7,069 441
Montgomery County 11,392 863

Note: Department of Health numbers are updated every day at noon.

Click here to view Chester County’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

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