Wellness Wednesday: Snack Time!

Ken Knickerbocker

Having healthy snack options on hand is always a must for me.  I used to travel for work all the time and would find myself delayed in an airport, stuck on an Amtrak train or sitting in traffic on the NJ Turnpike.

I realized how important it is to snack every 3-4 hours or else I was ‘hangry’.  Eating several mini meals throughout the day increases the body’s fat burning potential and keeps it functioning optimally.

Whenever I am out of my house I have many snack options on hand, for my children and me.  We are getting ready to go on a trip of a lifetime to Walt Disneyworld and naturally I am gearing up with plenty of healthy snack alternatives.

Chester County Travel Agent extraordinaire, Tami Schaefer of Dream Builders Travel recommended we prepare with snack options for the entire family!

  • Bring a reusable water bottle.  Find a filtered water fountain or fill up at the hotel before you leave for the day.
  • Always include protein. Think nuts & protein bars.
  • Avoid perishables and anything fragile. A squished banana in your bag is never a good thing.
  • Enjoy the local treats. Vacation is fun & everything in moderation.
  • Maintain regular eating & drinking habits as much as possible to avoid an unhappy gut. Probiotics before, during and after travel helps to increase good bacteria in the gut. In addition to my vitamins, two must have travel supplements are IsaBiome (probiotics & digestive enzymes) & IsaFlush (magnesium.)

For a link to some of the snacks and vitamin supplements pictured.

Badabeansnacks.com for 15% off the Bada Bean Bada Boom snacks

And if you have a desire to travel to Disney, connect with Tami.  She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things Disney.  With that being said, if you have any last minute Disney tips for this mama, please email me and share jaimelynncurley@gmail.com

Happy Travels!


Jaime Lynn Curley is the founder of West Chester-based The Tailor Made Life, LLC., a solutions company helping individuals achieve mind, body and career goals.  Her passion is helping others to feel their best so they can enjoy the everyday moments of life.  You can reach her at jaimelynncurley@gmail.com or on her Facebook page.