Wellness Wednesday: Involve Family and Friends When Reaching for a Goal

Ken Knickerbocker

By Jaime Lynn Curley

I am constantly seeking balance in every area of my life.  It is not always easy and sometimes it is a hot mess but balance has been the goal over the last five years.  I wasn’t always balanced.

I was good hyper-focusing on one area of my life, be it career, family or health and everything else would fall out of whack.  That created such instability in my life.

Now balance is at the forefront of every decision.  Sure there are times when I am more focused on big business projects but what is important to me now is having my family involved as part of that goal.

If you are running for a big goal, making your health a priority or making a big change in lifestyle, involve your family in the process.  Let them know what is important to you and WHY.

And once you achieve that goal, reward all involved!  The reward can be big or small but just make it a family affair.

Late last year I was working on a big business project and the reward for our family was a trip to Disneyworld.  My three daughters were so supportive along the way.

They knew why mommy was working hard and they actually encouraged it. They would come into my office, check the business stats, find little Mickey figurines and place them on my desk as motivation and they would leave me notes of encouragement on my bathroom mirror.

My tips to run for and achieve a goal:

  1. Involve your loved ones
  2. Set up a goal station in your home with a whiteboard to chart out the monthly activities and highlight the big family goals as well.
  3. Let go of the noise and chaos that does not serve your goal.
  4. Do everything with balance and with an end goal in mind.


Jaime Lynn Curley is the founder of West Chester-based The Tailor Made Life, LLC., a solutions company helping individuals achieve mind, body and career goals.  Her passion is helping others to feel their best so they can enjoy the everyday moments of life.  You can reach her at jaimelynncurley@gmail.com or on her Facebook page.