Devon Horse Show Plans Major Move, at a Cost of $14 Million, to Alleviate Congestion

Image via the Devon Horse Show.

The Devon Horse Show plans to add a new parking garage that would cost between $13 and $14 million and fit around 400 cars, writes Linda Stein for Main Line Suburban Life.

The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair Foundation’s Board recently voted to pursue the new parking facility. It would be on part of its current main parking lot across from the main entrance to the show, and on space from the old gas station on Lancaster Avenue.

The goal of the project is to help with parking and congestion and help with the redevelopment of the abandoned gas station owned by the Foundation.

“The ongoing concerns of the community and the horse show over the need to revitalize the gas station, as well as the lack of parking, has been the stimulus,” said Wayne W. Grafton, chairman and CEO of the Horse Show.

The plans are in the preliminary phase and still have to go through the development process, said Chris Murray, a spokesman for the Horse Show.

Read more about the Devon Horse Show in Main Line Suburban Life here.

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