Barnes Foundation to Evaluate Items at Historic Fieldstone in West Pikeland Township

Mark Hostutler
Ker-Feal means "Fidèle's House" in Breton. The property was named after Albert C. Barnes's favorite dog, Fidèle de Port Manech.

The Barnes Foundation has hired a collections assessment manager who will evaluate items at Ker-Feal, Albert C. Barnes’s country house in West Pikeland Township, writes Stephan Salisbury for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The evaluation is a part of an overall assessment of both the house and the foundation’s Merion property that houses most of Barnes’s art collection. This will help decide the long-term plans for Ker-Feal, the historic fieldstone built in 1775.

“What I’d like to do is get through this assessment project and figure out what we have at Ker-Feal,” said Barnes Foundation president and chief executive Thomas Collins. “There’s no art there.”

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Every object still held at Ker-Feal will be examined as part of the collections assessment.

“This really is about stewardship of resources, in the sense that we don’t even know the extent of what we have, what shape it’s in, and what it might mean in terms of our program moving forward,” said Collins.

“I think the likelihood is that we’ll keep some things that Dr. Barnes never would have expected that we would keep.”

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