A Staple of Kennett Square, Bautista Upholstery & Refinishing Breathes New Life into Vintage Furniture

Bautista Bautista Upholstery & Refinishing
Image via Bautista Upholstery & Refinishing.

A mainstay in Kennett Square for decades, Bautista Upholstery & Refinishing continues to bring customers joy by reviving their favorite furniture, writes Tara Smith for Southern Chester County Weeklies.

Modesto Solano currently helps his uncle, Rafael Bautista, manage the business. Solano uses the craftsman skills he learned as a child from his father.

Aside from the generational education, Solano earned a degree in accounting, spending seven years parsing financial spreadsheets.

But over time, the career began to feel like nothing more than a paycheck.

“Furniture refinishing is much more rewarding — both professionally and financially,” he said.

At Bautista Upholstery & Refinishing, he can imbue any piece of furniture with a completely different look and feel.

“I really like working with people, listening to them, showing them some possibilities,” said Solano. “I go to someone’s house and take the table, sofa, or chair to be refurbished or repaired, then I bring it back to their house when it’s finished and see their excitement.”

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