West Chester’s Golden Valley Farms Behind New Pro-Rainforest Coffee

A group of Slippery Rock University students explores the Nicaraguan rainforest, the source of Rock Roast coffee. Image via the Grove City Allied News.

Through an elite commitment to preserving the Nicaraguan rainforest, West Chester’s Golden Valley Farms is roasting rare bird-friendly, fair-trade, and organic coffee that’s branded as Rock Roast.

And the pioneering effort between John Sacharok of Golden Valley Farms and Slippery Rock University Professor Julie Snow not only preserves a Central American rainforest canopy filled with endangered bird species.

It promotes a unique coffee flavor profile produced by the rainforest’s neighboring banana and orange trees, according to a Grove City Allied News report by Monica Pryts.

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“It tastes like nothing you could even explain,” Snow said. “The flavors are incredible.”

The nonprofit Rock Roast has been years in the making and currently offers its coffee beans and grounds in dark and medium roasts online at $14.99 for 12 ounces, as well as in recyclable K-Cups.

Meanwhile, the Rock Roast board of directors is looking to break onto the specialty store scene.

Read more about Golden Valley Farms’ role in Rock Roast and the journey to bird-friendly, fair-trade, and organic coffee in the Grove City Allied News here.

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