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Herr’s Recalls Incorrectly Labeled Potato Chips

Herr’s has recalled some bags of its potato chips, which have been incorrectly labeled as gluten free, to prevent customers who are sensitive or allergic to gluten from consuming them inadvertently.

The company announced on Wednesday that their 1.875 ounce bags of Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips had printing on the front of the package which incorrectly states that they are “Gluten Free”.

While the bags, which have been distributed nationally, have the correct labeling on the back which lists “Wheat” as an ingredient, the company prefers to err on the side of caution.  The chips are sold in individual green metallic bags.

The code dates on the recall bags are from January 2, 2016 to January 30, 2016, with the UPC No. 7260000061, and Herr’s product code of 122.

Anyone interested in additional information can call Herr’s at 1-800-344-3777.

Downingtown--via Doug Kerr - Flickr.
Downingtown–via Doug Kerr – Flickr.

Preliminary 2016 Budget Discussed by Downingtown Council

During Wednesday’s session, members of the Downingtown Borough Council discussed a preliminary 2016 budget, without requiring a tax increase. Judi Walters, The Finance Director for the borough, said that the proposed balanced draft budget also includes a 10% reserve fund.

If the budget is adopted in its current form, without a tax increase, it will be the fourth year in a row the Council was able to formulate a budget that does not require a tax increase, said borough officials. The total proposed budget amount was not released after the meeting, as the council members plan to hold several budget workshops in order to review the proposed funds.

Several new points were discussed during the budget session, among them, a proposed $17,000 for consulting efforts regarding the Downingtown Fire Department and $20,000 for park funds which would, among other things, address concerns about the safety of the gazebo in Kerr Park.

American Kestrel Returns to Stroud Preserve

The Natural Lands Trust has given American Kestrels a good reason to return to West Chester by offering a protected nesting space at Stroud Preserve.

The decision made by Stroud Preserve Manager, Mike Coll, to close the walking trail through Bobolink Meadow throughout the bird breeding season has paid off. The area was chosen as it is a quiet and relatively undisturbed spot, ideal for sensitive bird species, such as the Bobolinks, to breed, as they can be easily disturbed by humans or dogs.

In addition, the American Kestrel was given an opportunity to reproduce in a nesting box on the preserve, which is of critical importance, as recent counts of migrating American Kestrels suggest a decline in numbers in the northeast.

“Kestrels are easily disturbed by humans and, although a box had been present at Stroud for a number of years, I had never observed Kestrels nesting there until this year,” said Coll.

You can watch a NLT video of the birds here.

Chester County’s District Attorney Commends Chesco’s Use of the LAP Program

6.17.2017 Tom Hogan
Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan.

Chester County District Attorney, Tom Hogan, has pointed out that the Lethality Assessment Program represents a valuable tool for Chester County law enforcement to protect the safety of victims of domestic violence.

Chester County leads the way in Pennsylvania in overall use of LAP, a comprehensive protocol for police when responding to domestic violence calls. Police officers use LAP to ask a series of screening questions which have shown to provide a strong indication of both past and future domestic violence.

The announcement was made in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “Some of the most chilling homicides in Chester County have been the result of domestic violence, including convicted killers Gregory Twyman and James Hvizda,” said Hogan. “The LAP protocol gives law enforcement a powerful tool to combat domestic abuse. Moreover, victims are empowered to seek help and made aware of the danger they are in.”

Help Needy Children in Phoenixville by Donating Winter Clothes


Winter is the time that can be the hardest on those in need, as simply staying warm can sometimes be beyond their means.

In light of this, the Phoenixville Farmers Market and Jenny & Frank’s Gelato are taking donations of used coats and hats for children in need in order to support Feel the Warmth  a non-profit organization that works throughout the area  to try and ensure that kids can stay warm during the cold winter months.  

If you want to help with providing less fortunate children with new or gently-used winter coats, bring donations to Jenny & Frank’s Gelato stand at the Phoenixville Farmers Market.

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