‘Pied Piper’ of Pennsylvania Water Polo Developed His Love for Sport Thanks to West Chester Swim Coach 

Rudy Ruth
Image via USA Water Polo.
Rudy Ruth.

Rudy Ruth, who was instrumental in sustaining and developing water polo in the mid-Atlantic region, developed his love for the sport thanks to his West Chester University swim coach, writes Aimee Berg for USA Water Polo

“He’s the Pied Piper of water polo in the Reading area,” said Dan Sharadin, commissioner of the Collegiate Water Polo Association. 

Ruth started swimming in high school, which did not offer water polo. Once he joined West Chester University, his swim coach used water polo to get his athletes in shape. 

It did not take Ruth long to fall in love with the physicality of the sport. Between terms, he started playing in a summer league in Reading. After graduating, he became a P.E. teacher and coach at Wilson Junior High. He led his team to nine state titles and encouraged his wife, Susan, to be the assistant coach of the girls’ team. 

He recognized the need to organize local teams and was asked to lead the charge on that front, which he happily did. 

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