Glenmoore’s Peter Rotelle, Owner of Rotelle Development, Shares Trends He Notices Among Home Buyers 

rotelle development
Image via Rotelle Studio(e).

Glenmoore’s Peter Rotelle, owner of Chester County-based Rotelle Development, is enjoying the changes he is noticing in designer trends, writes Michaelle Bond for The Philadelphia Inquirer

For example, homeowners traditionally have had to choose from several shades of light colors when deciding how to paint their home’s siding. That has changed, though, and now dark colors, such as gray and blue, are growing in popularity. 

“Houses are being designed and laid out much more personalized to bring the end user joy and happiness,” said Rotelle. “And that, to me, is awesome.” 

And with the limited supply of homes for sale, buyers are turning to purchasing new construction. Rotelle said that the tiny house movement has significantly influenced the way in which homeowners think about their spaces. 

“Today, it seems as if the houses are getting a little smaller, and the space is being a lot more thought out,” he said. 

More people are opting for smaller rooms, such as a small TV/game room separate from a family room. Cozy central gathering spots are much more popular. 

“Mudroom on steroids” and “really sexy pantries” are also on the rise, he said. 

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