As People Spend More Time Indoors, Phoenixville Designer Shows How to Turn Your Home into a ‘Peaceful Retreat’

Image via Liz Walton Homes.

With people spending much more time at home, many have decided to renovate their living spaces, writes Michaelle Bond for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jocelyn and Pete Lockard, who recently purchased a home in Phoenixville, are planning to do some major renovations before they move in. Among other things, they intend to entirely redo the kitchen and renovate the main bathroom.

They want to make their new living space “really open and welcoming and cozy and conducive to our lifestyle,” said Jocelyn.

But major renovations are far from the only way for homeowners to make the space their own.

For example, updating appliances is a great way to refresh the kitchen without having to do a full remodel, said Liz Walton, owner and principal designer of Liz Walton Homes in Phoenixville and a National Kitchen and Bath Association member.

Homeowners can also replace busy patterned countertops with calmer designs that are both lighter and brighter.

Filling living spaces with plants is another way to liven up the home.

“Life is really complicated for a lot of people right now, and the home really needs to be a peaceful retreat,” said Walton.

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