Novel from Bestselling Author and Malvern Resident About a Chester County Family in Witness Protection

Image via Lisa Scottoline.

Lisa Scottoline, the bestselling author who lives on a horse farm in Malvern, released her 34th work of fiction last year, a thriller titled What Happened to the Bennetts, writes Victor Fiorillo for Philadelphia magazine. 

With her daughter grown up, the prolific author has been feeling like she is back in her prime again. She has even begun taking some risks with her writing.

“Last year, after 32 thrillers all set in Philadelphia, I published Eternal, my first piece of historical fiction,” she said. “It’s set in Rome, and my next one, Sacred, will be set in Sicily, all about the birth of the Mafia in the 1800s.” 

She does her writing at home, which has plenty of places to choose from when the inspiration hits. 

“It’s a big house,” Scottoline said. “A horse farm in Chester County. I have horses and chickens. The cottage is from 1740. The main house is from 1810.” 

Her latest book revolves around a Chester County family who are the victims of a botched carjacking. 

“They find themselves in witness protection,” she said. “And it all goes horribly, horribly wrong.” 

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2022.

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