Author Who Grew Up Dumpster-Diving for Books in West Chester Tackles Sensitive Subjects in His Writing

David Jackson Ambrose
Image via Caroline Ann Torge.
David Jackson Ambrose.

West Chester native David Jackson Ambrose, who spent his childhood dumpster-diving for coverless novels behind independent bookstores, doesn’t shy away from difficult issues in his new book, writes Len Lear for Chestnut Hill Local.

A Blind Eye, publishing later in April, tackles the sensitive subjects of LGBTQ relationships, mental health, disabilities, “transracialism,” domestic abuse, and police and civilian interactions.

“My writing explores the ways that the inherent racism of Western patriarchy imposes a kind of disability for marginalized people,” Ambrose said.

He is a former social worker who currently has a day job in performance management at a governmental behavioral health oversight entity. He got the idea for his latest book from the bars in Philadelphia that were omnipresent before the Convention Center gentrified a formerly motley downtown area.

“People rubbed shoulders with trans and suburban kids coming into the city to interact,” said Ambrose. “The irony is that the Convention Center, while bringing in people from all over the country, has also silenced a vast diversity of marginalized people who used to congregate there, including the Asian community.”

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