To Highlight Holiday Gift-Giving, West Chester’s IT Edge Hones In On Digital Marketing for Retailers

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December is retailers month at IT Edge. In spirit of the holiday season this month, local consulting firm IT Edge has extended a special offer of digital marketing for retailers.

For retailers, December can be an extremely difficult month, or an extremely successful one. With so many people in the shopping and gift-giving spirit, your business can find itself fighting for customers you may not normally have. 

IT Edge knows how difficult it can be to run a business, especially during such a busy time. That’s why they’re extending this special offer, consisting of one free month of search engine optimization services, SEO, and a free consultation. 

Are you curious as to how IT Edge can help you this holiday season? Keep reading to find out.

December Means Online Shopping

In today’s world, online shopping has taken the internet by storm. With such busy schedules, customers often find it more convenient to simply go online, hit add to cart, and have it shipped to their house. If your business is not involved in e-commerce, you could be missing out on a large profit that is going directly to your competitors. 

With the help of IT Edge, you can update your website to be specifically optimized for online transactions. As well as setting up an online store, IT Edge can set up your website so that it attracts customers, and keeps them on the page for more time.

The more time that potential customers stay on your page, the more likely they are to give you more business. It’s not rocket science, but with so much on your plate in such a busy season already, IT Edge wants to help you out by doing it for you. 

That’s not the only way IT Edge can increase your business, however. Using proper digital marketing techniques, IT Edge can drive physical traffic to your store, as well as to your website.

Popular Websites = Foot Traffic

When a potential customer is searching for a retailer to shop at, chances are they’ll use a quick Google search to identify their options. If a potential customer is searching for new stores to shop at, you want to make sure that yours is one of the first options they see.

Using a technique called search engine optimization, or SEO for short, IT Edge can make your company rank highly in Google searches. When employing SEO services, IT Edge will conduct keyword research that identifies what potential customers are searching for, when searching for something relating to your industry. After that, they’ll bolster your website with relevant keywords, making your business more applicable to the searches, thus making it stand out more. 

Furthermore, IT Edge can set up your Google Business Profile, which includes a physical location of your business, shown on Google Maps, the store hours, the phone number, the website, and a plethora of other relevant information. 

With all of these tools causing your website to rank higher in Google searches, it is bound to bring in foot traffic that may not have otherwise known your business existed.

Contact IT Edge Today

IT Edge knows the struggles and joys of running a small business, that’s why they want to help you. If you’re a retailer looking to make their mark this holiday season, contact IT Edge today. 

Once again, IT Edge is offering one free month of SEO services and a free consultation for the entire month of December. So don’t wait! Connect with IT Edge today to get started. 

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