This West Chester-Based Partnership Is Making Waves in Southeastern Pa.

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West Chester University students utilizing PROmotion's app.
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IT Edge, a West Chester-based tech company that offers everything from website design to IT support, helps numerous start-ups and small businesses stand out in the wide market of the online world.  

As a strategic partner of West Chester University’s Dr. Edwin Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center, IT Edge is dedicated to the successful growth of its clients. Through this partnership, PROmotion Health LLC, a startup mental health screening platform, connected with IT Edge for help. 

Stuck in a time crunch, PROmotion needed a professional website ahead of a regional exhibition. Despite the tight deadline, Braedon Swindler, who is the Division Lead of IT Edge’s Digital Marketing Division, produced a site that better-informed customers of their product and their brand. 

“Braedon developed a cutting-edge website for us with the exact design we were looking for,” said Lindsey Keenan, CEO of PROmotion. “Not only this, but his work was completed within our budget, something that was incredibly needed as a start-up. IT Edge’s responsiveness was also impressive as we tweaked small edits to the design.”  

Whether a company requires a website built from the ground up, maintenance, or IT help services, IT Edge puts in the focus and drive needed to transform their clients’ online presence. They understand that every detail has the potential to make a difference not only in the company, but in the lives of its customers, founders, and employees. 

“We did not hesitate to jump onto a retainer with them in order to continue to maintain and eventually grow our site,” said Keenan. 

Mental health screening platforms like PROmotion aim to gain visibility so their product can reach its target audience. Through site creation, SEO content, marketing, and more, IT Edge attracts attention to businesses’ sites and social media. 

As a start-up, recognition and growth are key to PROmotion’s success, and IT Edge offers specialty services to put businesses like theirs on the map. 

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