Kittens Rescued After Being Abandoned in Kennett Square

Kennett Square kittens
Image via Jen Samuel, The Daily Local News.
The boy kitten, who is now named Vincent.

Two domesticated kittens, a brother and sister, were discovered in Kennett Square’s Magnolia Court over Thanksgiving, writes Jen Samuel for The Daily Local News.

The 6-month-old boy kitten was found around midnight on Black Friday after he was trying to find a warm place to sleep for the night. There was a cardboard box nearby that read “Free Twin Kittens.”

While the boy kitten was rescued, the fate of his sister remains unknown. He was adopted by a family in Kennett Township and is now named Vincent.

“Animals should never just be abandoned when no longer wanted or situations arise where they can no longer be cared for; there are animal rescues in the area who can assist in these situations as well as the Brandywine SPCA,” said Kennett Square Chief of Police William Holdsworth. “We hope that all animals are always treated properly.”

Furthermore, Kennett Square recently partnered with Lucky Dawg animal rescue in Avondale to raise awareness of the constant stream of pet abandonment and how there are shelters in place to help keep these animals safe.

Read more about the Kennett Square kittens in The Daily Local News.

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