Brandywine Valley SPCA to Convert Unused Animal Shelter in Delaware to Rehab Center

Image via Delaware Business Now.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA, which provides animal protective services for Chester County and much of Delaware County, is looking to convert a currently unused animal shelter in Georgetown, Del., into a Rescue and Rehab Center, according to a report from Delaware Business Now.

The center will allow the BVSPCA to save more lives by helping animals that otherwise would not be adopted.

“Saving as many lives as possible means giving hope to animals who need more help than typical adoption candidates,” said Adam Lamb, CEO of the BVSPCA.

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These include cruelty survivors, disaster victims, newborns, animals at risk, and any requiring time and training to increase their adoptability.

“The Rescue and Rehab Center will expand our lifesaving resources to those animals with greater needs,” said Lamb.

Animals in the BVSPCA’s care usually stay for around 13 days, but those with greater needs can require up to 10 months of rehabilitation before being ready for placement.

Read more about the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s plans in Delaware Business Now here.

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