These Local Dog Treat Bakers’ Pet Project Is Healthy, Natural Canine Cookies

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Image via Saint Rocco's Treats at Facebook.
Saint Rocco's Treats, a commercial venture by two local entrepreneurs, offers an all-natural product line to pet owners.

Saint Rocco’s Treats (SRT) was founded during the pandemic by Bucks County brothers Kaleb and Kolby Rush. It evolved from their passion for entrepreneurship, a love of dogs, and a commitment to artisanal, all-natural, human-grade dog treats.

The brand that overarches their product line derives its name from the Catholic-venerated Saint Rocco (originally Saint Roch [rock]). Roch, a French nobleman born in 1295, claimed to have been saved from starvation by a dog who brought him bread.

The Rush brothers, SRT’s bakers, craft their product lines from human-grade ingredients in a “gourmet dog kitchen” outfitted for that purpose.

The brand sits (and stays) firmly on a commitment to product and process transparency, say Kaleb and Kolby, distinguishing it from mass-producing competitors.

Named the “Healthy 8,” the treats, baked weekly to ensure freshness, come in an octet of flavors:

  • Meat Lovers
  • Cheeseburger
  • Chicken and Sweets
  • Nuts and Beef
  • Helt’s Honey
  • Carnivores’ Choice
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Savory Red Meat

The product line also includes “sprinkles” (toppings added to dogs’ usual meals) and sampler boxes (prepackaged treats of either chicken or beef varieties).

“While many companies have brought human-grade pet consumables to market, we saw a need among pet-parents for increased transparency in the dog treats and food their furry friends eat,” said co-founder Kaleb. “Our brand and gourmet dog kitchens aim to address this unmet need and combat the industry’s lack of production and ingredient transparency,” added co-founder Kolby.

More on Saint Rocco’s Treats — including a list of retailers and a link to the online store — is online.

About Saint Rocco’s Treats

Headquartered in Bucks County, Saint Rocco’s Treats was co-founded by brothers Kaleb and Kolby Rush.

The company was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship, a love of dogs, and the unique knowledge of and pride for artisanal, all-natural, human-grade dog treat craftsmanship. With a commitment to philanthropy and product quality, the brand affectionately touts itself as a place “where tails get their wag” based on the dog-tested, pet parent-approved fresh, local, and quality line of products for which they are quickly becoming known.

For every one pound of treats sold, Saint Rocco’s Treats donates $1 to local dog rescues and other nonprofit efforts.

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