This Local Artist Is Known as the Sandcastle Lady

Lynn Hicks McKeown at work on her sandcastle.
Image via Ron Macarthur, Cape Gazette.
Lynn Hicks McKeown at work on her sandcastle.

Nearly every day in late summer Lynn Hicks McKeown from Aston makes her way to the Lewes beach at the Market Street crossover, writes Ron MacArthur for the Cape Gazette.

The 76-year-old is engaged in a labor of love that has given her the title of Sandcastle Lady. She builds a new sandcastle every time she hits the beach, starting at 11 AM, breaking for lunch, and finishing at 3.

She’s been doing it for more than 35 years.

“I bring lots of buckets, carving shovels, molds and spoons to share, and I show kids everything I know, which takes about three minutes,” she said with a big smile.

McKeown is an artist and a musician and while most art is made to last, McKeown understands the temporary nature of sandcastles.

“To me, I like starting over with a new castle each day,” she said.

Social media has made her a known entity in that section of Lewes beach.  People are now going out of their way to visit and watch her work.

The sandcastles began as a cheap activity with her four children during public beach trips to Lewes.

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