Harcum College Teams Up with National Interior Design Firm to Create New Student Success Center

Image of Harcum College's new Student Success Center via Patches.

Harcum College has teamed up with Herman Miller, the national interior design and furnishing company, to create a new Student Success Center on campus, according to a report in Patches, the magazine of Harcum College.

The new SSC is in Room 101 of the Academic Center and offers a sense of community and belonging while engaging students in all of Harcum’s academic support services. Its main goal is to create a multidisciplinary and cross-functional space that can serve a range of students in other ways than a traditional classroom environment.

“Harcum has such a diverse group of programs, and we attract a diverse student body,” said Heidi Techner, Program Director for Interior Design and Facilities Planner. This includes “a large number of degreed undergraduate students coming to us as an alternative to graduate school.”

The SSC came about through Herman Miller Education’s Learning Spaces Research Program. Harcum was a two-year school whose application to the program was accepted.

The new SSC is an inviting space with a range of settings and furniture for the various activities happening there. These range from one-on-one tutoring to small-group study and workshops.

“It’s the best place on campus for getting work done,” said one student.

Read more about Harcum College’s new Student Success Center in Patches here.

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