10 Steps You Can Take Today To Advance Your Career

Career Advancement
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Advancing further in your job can feel a bit random at times. You need the right combination of an opening showing up, you having the experience necessary, and having a good enough rapport with the person deciding who get the opportunity.

But it is certainly not all up to chance.

Per the Harvard Business School, there is plenty you can be doing to prove you have what it takes for a bigger role.

Don’t Cause Issues

The most obvious step is to keep all of the attention you attract positive. Make sure you are getting everything done correctly and on time.

Be a Problem Solver

Everyone is aware of whatever problems exist at the company. Pointing them out does not help anything. Instead, be the one to find solutions to them.

Don’t Complain

Everyone needs to let off steam, but keep any gripes away from the job. It ultimately reflects poorly on you for feeding negativity in the workplace.

Don’t Waste Your Boss’s Time

Your boss undoubtedly has more on their plate than anyone else, so don’t be the person who goes to them for every little thing. Show you can learn on your own and take the initiative.


Show your value by contributing ideas during meetings. It shows you are invested in the company’s future and not just trying to do the bare minimum.

Get Advice

If you truly can’t figure something out, ask someone who knows. It shows awareness of your shortcomings and a willingness to improve yourself.

Improve Your Skills

Have you grown complacent in your role? If you want to advance, it helps to have something new to show for yourself first. Bolster your position by taking online courses to learn new skills.

Don’t Gossip

Gossip often comes down to trying to diminish somebody else’s status. But participating in it also makes you look untrustworthy.

Be Confident

Everyone gets anxious, but looking and sounding that way does not inspire confidence in you. Work on your public speaking so people know they are in safe hands with somebody who knows what they are doing.

Reflect Well on the Company

When you do your job well, it ultimately helps make the company look better. You enable the business to do the same by performing at your best.

The last major factor is consistency. These characteristics are not something you can play up just when you think an opportunity is available. It needs to become part of your day to day.

To learn more about any of these points and how they can prove your commitment to the job, read the post from Harvard Business School here.


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