5 Signs You’re Quietly Being Demoted, and What You Can Do About It

Woman frustrated at work

While people will happily praise you to your face, they often keep their criticism of you from reaching your ears. That can result in you developing a bad reputation without even realizing it.

If you have been getting weird vibes at work, don’t ignore it, as you might be picking up on a lack of confidence in your work.

Courtesy of the site Hive, here are clues to stay alert for that indicate you might be on the path to a demotion.

Everything You Do is Double Checked

Does it seem like your boss just expects you to screw up now? When you are no longer trusted to even do basic things, it is not because your boss is trying to do you a favor.

You Have Less Responsibilities

Maybe you not only are not advancing but are actually losing responsibilities. If you are getting duties taken away from you, that is a sign you are being phased out.

New Workers Are Advancing Past You

If one or two newcomers happen to get promoted past you, you could maybe assume that was totally on merit. But if it is a common theme that new workers get bigger roles before you, you should be asking why.

Set Up to Fail

Maybe it has gotten to the point that you feel like your boss is even trying to make you look bad. Do you no longer receive adequate instructions on how to handle assignments? Are you now suspiciously always omitted on receiving important details?

Your Boss Has Been Critical of You

Sometimes you don’t have to guess. Sometimes it is spelled out for you. This can often be better, as this might actually be your boss giving you a clear warning to step it up.

What is important when you catch wind that a demotion might be coming is to not sit idle. Be proactive by looking for what you can do to be better. Maybe even ask your boss directly what they want you to improve on. You don’t just have to sit back and let the demotion happen.

For more on what you can do to recognize and prevent an impending demotion, check out what Hive says here.


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