5 Must-Know Benefits of Working From Home

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Over the last few years, more and more companies have been moving towards a model of remote work.

Ultimately, this means that more people are exploring options for their own working structure. Whether you prefer working remotely or working in the office, it’s important to understand the benefits that may be experienced.

With more flexible schedules and more talent to reach, remote working has been a big benefit to many employers and employees.

Over the course of this article, 5 benefits of remote working will be discussed and uncovered. Ultimately, the goal of any employer is to maintain a healthy working environment, so this may be helpful for employees and employers alike!

Read on to get started.

5 Important Benefits of Remote Work

Of course, remote work has made life easier for many employees. Plus, it has actually made things better in many ways for employers, too.

Many people are wondering if remote work and working from home will be the future of the workplace. Let’s explore five unique pros of working from home.

Pro 1: Saving Time and Money

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For both employers and employees, remote work has been beneficial for saving money on the bottom line.

For employers, they’re able to save money on rent and office space, equipment, utilities, and other overhead expenses. This allows many companies to re-allocate funds towards growth for the company or organization.

Remote work has also been the source of a decrease in spending by employees. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that working from home reduces the amount spent on company travel. Also, more time can be allocated elsewhere which would have previously been spent on a commute.

We’ll explore that option a bit further below.

Pro 2: Remote Work Provides Work-Life Balance

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Ultimately, working from home has given employees a taste of work-life balance that they couldn’t have experienced otherwise. The typical morning routine consisted of rushing to get ready, then sitting in a morning commute and/or traffic.

Yet, this huge time saver allows more time spent for self-care, rest, and time with family or loved ones. Further, this has allowed many remote employees to explore new hobbies and interests.

A healthy work-life balance then leads to happier employees. This is an excellent outcome for remote work, as it is a win-win for employers and employees. By cutting out a 30-minute commute (two ways) daily, remote workers are able to save five hours per week (at least).

Employers are able to promote a healthier work environment, to lead to happier employees, which leads to more fulfilled work. This makes employees more productive, leads to higher retention rates, and fundamentally a healthier work environment.

Read on to learn more about boosting productivity for employees with remote work.

Pro 3: Boosting Productivity for Employees

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Benefits of remote work and working from home are known to lead to a better work-life balance, but do they really lead to higher productivity?

It does!

While office spaces may seem like a productive place to be, it is actually proven that the opposite is often true. Of course, there are unique difficulties at home, but working in an office also presents its own challenges.

If you’ve spent time in an office space, you’ll be familiar with pop-in meetings or way-too-long watercooler chats. These types of interruptions are completely mitigated by a move to remote work or working from home.

As hours are often more flexible, a key benefit of remote work is the ability to make deadlines in unique ways. The 9-5 is being quickly dismantled, but an 8-hour-workday is still possible without those hourly confines.

Further, from an employer’s perspective, employees working remotely are known to take less time off and vacation time as they don’t get burnt out as frequently. The flexibility leads to a sense of trust between employees and employers, which is extremely valuable.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of remote working.

Pro 4: Remote Work Benefits Hiring for Employers

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At the core, one of the most important benefits of remote work for employers is the ability to hire from anywhere in the world.

This ability to hire talent globally allows more flexibility for employers to negotiate wages, find new talent, and expand beyond their geographical boundaries.

This leads to many advantages, including:

  • Improved quality of hiring for employers
  • A more diverse workforce with employees from different backgrounds and views
  • Global reach allows for the promotion of your brand beyond local borders
  • Various cultural backgrounds of employees can increase creative problem solving

With all of these benefits to remote work hiring, it’s easy to see why many employers would want to move towards this model for their workplaces.

Pro 5: Organization and Processes Become More Efficient

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Working from home has many benefits to employees and employers alike, as you can see. Yet, the one piece that ties the two together is how remote work can have a positive impact on organizations as a whole, and their internal processes.

As we’ve moved to a more remote environment, there have been many more opportunities for working with different teams in companies or organizations, and more collaboration in projects.

Video conferencing has allowed for quick meetings when required. Plus, this ability to quickly check-in or schedule weekly meetings allows flexibility like never before.

Workplaces have been moving towards a horizontal approach, which means that employees are feeling more comfortable collaborating with others and approaching superiors. This is a huge benefit as it allows employees to connect with their teams and drive organizational growth in new and exciting ways.

Read on to learn more about techniques for managing remote teams.

Leveraging Benefits of Remote Work: Techniques for Managing Remote Teams

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More benefits of remote work could be discovered, but we’re going to switch over to a few effective techniques that we’ve found for managing remote teams.

Whether an employer or an employee, these techniques could be invaluable for your organization.

Ultimately, employees will need to learn to leverage modern technology in their day-to-day life if they’re going to be working remotely. Thus, using the right technology can make all the difference.

Some of these effective techniques include:

  1. Choosing the right software – understanding the importance of messaging software, project management software, video conferencing channels, and file management could make huge improvements
  2. Establishing effective communication protocols and structures
  3. Setting up excellent time-entry systems to understand time allocations
  4. Maintaining social interaction with video calls, team-building exercises, and frequent check-ins

With these tips, you’ll be on track to make your workplace your ideal space to be. Over time, there will always be more opportunities for learning and growth as we learn more about this new remote working environment.

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