Ryan Leid Becomes Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy’s Third Certified Drone Pilot

certified drone pilot
Ryan Leid.
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Ryan Leid — a Survey Technician at Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy, a regional engineering, environmental, and surveying firm — has received his certification as an FAA Certified Remote Pilot.

Leid, who possesses a bachelor’s degree in Geoenvironmental Studies from Shippensburg University, is one of three certified drone pilots at SSM.

SSM uses drone technology, HDS (high-definition surveying), and BIM (building information modeling) on its projects to enhance its collaborative relationships with outstanding results. SSM can measure things that couldn’t be measured before, capture images of existing conditions for future reference, and bring information to your fingertips, as well as create reference points for future site considerations.

Drones are a powerful solution for monitoring construction, documenting infrastructure on expansive sites, and capturing hard-to-reach details, including:

  • construction monitoring
  • volumetric computations
  • system layout
  • hot spots/heat loss detection
  • litigation support
  • aerial site/rooftop evaluation

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