From the Farm to the Table: A Little Taste of Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy

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It takes a lot to bring a product to market. Experts in the food industry should focus on just that – food. Because, after all, addressing needs such as regulatory compliance, increased capacity, routine maintenance, and facility expansion shouldn’t take away from doing what they know best.

That’s why farmers, processors, distributors, and even restauranteurs all turn to Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy. We help secure prime locations, plan more efficient warehouses and distribution centers, conduct feasibility studies, upgrade utilities and building systems, improve traffic flow, and expand operations. By taking the lead on the engineering side, we enable the food industry to focus more on their core business.

Here are some of the ways our services have facilitated the process of getting food from the farm to your table:

Poultry Farming

  • Structural Design Services: The design of a 275,000-gallon rectangular equalization tank included identifying IBC loading criteria, and calculations for design of CIP concrete walls and base slab.
  • New Public Water Supply: This water supply development project entailed conducting fracture trace analysis, locating potential well sites, overseeing test well drilling, designing well construction specifications, performing aquifer testing programs, analyzing pump test data, and preparing permit application materials for state and federal regulatory review.

Food Processing

  • Confectionary Manufacturer: Prepared annual stormwater NPDES site inspection reports.
  • Meat Processor: Performed various services including health and safety training and environmental audit of plant operations with regard to air, wastewater, hazardous substance, storage tank, and residual and hazardous waste regulations.
  • Brewing Facility: Performed an asbestos reinspection and mold investigation for potential purchase of an existing brewing facility.
  • Bakery: Survey and civil engineering services for the design of a new 140-space trailer storage parking lot including bedrock depth investigation, stormwater management design, and electrical lighting design.

Warehousing and Distribution

  • Distribution Center: Provided comprehensive structural, mechanical, and electrical services to convert an abandoned 125,000-square-foot processing facility into a food products distribution center. SSM utilized high-definition scanning data to create a complete point cloud database in preparation for the retrofit and reuse.
  • Supermarket: Performed site design engineering services for the expansion to an existing Store. This design-build project included a site survey, creating an existing conditions base plan, developing construction drawings, which included site grading and stormwater management, utility relocation, and erosion and sediment control.

Gathering Places

  • Restaurant: Provided design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the conversion of a former furniture store into the 7,000-square-foot restaurant and bar.
  • University Kitchen: Designed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for student housing that included the conversion of existing housing units into a new kitchen facility and a serving and dining pavilion.

At SSM, we are passionate about bringing not just one thing to the table. We are a multi-disciplinary engineering, environmental, and surveying firm. We bring everything to the table. Learn more.

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