WHYY: Public Safety Not Affected Despite Staffing Crisis at Chester County Department of Emergency Services

Image via the Chester County Department of Emergency Services.

In order to address the staffing crisis at the Chester County Department of Emergency Services, six 911 dispatchers have been hired, but there are still 24 openings that need to be filled, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY. 

Despite the shortage, the department continues to operate normally, and it has not affected public safety.  

While part of the challenge lies in being short-staffed, another issue is the impact of the closure of Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals. Responders now must travel further distances to transport patients to another hospital.

“Are they short-staffed? Absolutely. Is that a problem? Across the region and across the country? Absolutely. Does it put an added level of stress on the employees that we are concerned about? Absolutely,” said county administrator Bobby Kagel. 

Department of Emergency Services leadership has been keeping a close eye on the situation. Additionally, EMS providers are constantly adapting to continue ensuring that there is no direct impact on emergency medical services in the region. 

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