Energy Transfer Grants Nearly $30,000 to Rocky Run Fire Company to Enhance Its Response Capabilities


Energy Transfer recently granted $29,931 to the Rocky Run Fire Company, which provides emergency services to Middletown Township and its surrounding communities, to aid in the purchase of equipment to enhance the fire company’s response capabilities.

Rocky Run provides 100-percent-volunteer coverage that saves residents thousands of dollars every year.

“This grant funded eight portable radios, two full sets of turnout gear, and some vehicle equipment, which will go a long way to enhance the safety of our members, as well as the community, when responding to an incident,” said Rocky Run Fire Chief Bill Cairns. “It’s becoming more challenging and expensive to keep up with federal equipment standards and to replace damaged equipment, and we are very grateful to Energy Transfer for supporting us and helping to protect Delaware County communities.”

Energy Transfer is one of the largest and most diversified energy logistics companies in the country, with approximately 3,000 miles of pipeline infrastructure and gathering systems located in Pennsylvania. Its First Responder Fund provides grants to help further the primary mission of first responder organizations, including local fire departments; emergency medical services; county emergency management agencies; county, regional, and local police departments; and other eligible agencies.

Grants are determined based on a competitive application and review process, and written applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the following cycle.

“Rocky Run continues to be a great partner in Middletown Township and the surrounding areas, and it is our privilege to support Chief Cairns and his team as they work hard to keep the community safe,” said Joe McGinn, Energy Transfer’s Vice President of Public Affairs. “We look forward to working alongside Rocky Run moving forward through pipeline safety trainings and other community outreach.”

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