State’s Injection of Funds into Chester County Hospital Designed to Ease the Sting of Recent Closures

driveway into building with sign
Image via Google Maps at WHYY.
Chester County Hospital.

To ease the increased caseload resulting from the situations with Jennersville and Brandywine hospitals, Harrisburg is providing $2.1 million in state funds for expanded services at Chester County Hospital. The capital is designed to expand the hospital’s emergency department and boost inpatient health services. Susan Phillips covered the relief for WHYY.

The funding, which will be drawn from the federal American Rescue Plan, was announced by State Sen. Carolyn Comitta, along with State Reps. Christina Sappey and Dianne Herrin.

“These are vital and timely investments in our public health care and emergency care infrastructure in Chester County,” said Comitta, “investments that were especially needed in emergency and behavioral health, even before the pandemic and well before Tower abruptly announced the hospital closures.”

The funding includes $1.4 million for Chester County Hospital to add 13 new bays in its emergency room. The extra space augments the facility’s existing 46 beds to not only handle more traffic but also add behavioral health capabilities.

To strengthen the provision of inpatient services, $775,000 will be used to restore 42 beds, purchase new equipment, and hire additional staff.

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