Downingtown West Grad’s Cosmetics Company Wins Coveted Award in the Beauty Industry

woman on a rooftop
Image via Pound Cake.
Camille Bell.

Pound Cake, a cosmetics company started by Downingtown West High School graduate Camille Bell, has won a coveted Best of Beauty Award from women’s fashion magazine Allure. Lisa Dukart covered the sweet recognition for The Philadelphia Business Journal.

The magazine was particularly impressed by the manufacturer’s red lipstick; it called the classic Maraschino Cherry shade the best of the year. The award has already been a boon for the brand, as it sold out all 10,000 tubes of its lip colors in under 48 hours.

Pound Cake was initially conceptualized in 2016, shortly after Bell graduated from Temple University. She was frustrated by the lack of availability of true red lip colors for people of color.

“Someone with pink lips and someone with dark brown lips wearing the same red lipstick will achieve different results,” she said.

Tired of the lack of inclusion, she launched her own brand with co-founder Johnny Velazquez. Now, the duo is planning to raise a seed round or Series A in 2022.

“The rate we want to grow and be able to release products quicker, we are going to need an investment,” said Bell. “So we are going to be opening a round for investment and raise.”

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