Career Corner: Why You Should Get to Know a Job Recruiter Before You Need One


Most people don’t really plan to be out of a job, but as the pandemic exemplified for many people, sometimes life has other ideas for you. But that is also why you should think ahead and prepare for contingencies before things get bad.

A lot of people don’t bother making plans to help them find a job until they are already in need of one. But building a connection with a job recruiter now can save you time should the worst happen. Kathryn Dill of the Wall Street Journal elaborates and explains why everyone can use a job recruiter.

Dill explains how you should always be building your connections because they are an investment in your future. Like anything else, being prepared ahead of time will help you recover quicker.

Starting now can acquaint you with the different types of job recruiters that exist, such as ones who work only in a specific field or company, or those who are part of a more generalized staffing firm.

You also need to bear in mind that the recruiter is not just trying to do right by prospective employees but by the employers as well. So don’t expect them to just direct you to any job related to your field.

The same way you are being selective who you work for, the recruiter is being selective in regards to who they act as a liaison with. If you turn out to be a bad fit for a role, it can make the recruiter look bad on their end for recommending you.

It can take some trial and error to find the best recruiter who aligns with your goals, which is why figuring that process out now is good. Develop a connection you can rely on in the future so you are ready for whatever comes.

For more information on how a recruiter can be a valuable ally to have, read the Wall Street Journal’s thoughts here.


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