5 Tips to Negotiate Salary After You Get a Job Offer

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When you get a job offer, you might be so relieved or excited that you want to immediately accept it.

But you need to take a good look at their offered salary and benefits and ask if it could be better. Don’t be afraid to say you feel like you are worth a bit more.

Negotiating job terms is normal, as Robert Half explains in a post about what you should be considering. Make sure you are keeping these details in mind:

Know the Industry Standard

The best argument for you asking for more is that you can point to what you could receive elsewhere. Look up what the typical salary for your job is in whatever part of the country you’re in. It should be pretty clear if you are getting lowballed.

Rehearse What You Want to Say

A negotiation is not the time to wing it. Know what you want to ask for, whether that’s higher pay or other job perks. And have a concise argument in mind for why you are worth it.

Highlight Your Strengths

The company will no doubt want to be convinced you deserve more. Point to aspects of your work background that may not have been touched on in the interview and how that can lend to you being a stronger candidate.

Be Honest

You might assume stretching the truth is part of negotiations, but outright lying can come back to bite you. Don’t try and pressure the company to give you more by fabricating a competing offer. That can be checked and if you lied, you’ll wind up with no offer.

Get it on Paper

Verbal agreements are not worth anything legally. Nothing is official until signatures have been put down, so once you like the offer, make sure the company has it all documented for you to sign.

To have the most success in your negotiation, be confident and honest. Aggression and ultimatums aren’t the best tools here. But also be willing to acknowledge if the deal is not for you.

For the full list of what you can do to get the best offer possible, consult Robert Half’s post on the subject here.


Richard McMunn has five tips to negotiate the highest salary possible when you receive a job offer.


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