Bottle Shops Offer Unique Array of Brews, and Chester County Has a Recommendable One

refrigerated case holding beer cans
Image via Steven Falk, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Beer stores have the ability to offer beverages not ordinarily offered by other beverage retailers.

Pennsylvania’s complicated liquor laws may be an inhibitor to consumers. But it may also have given rise to a niche business: so-called bottle shops that often stock unusual and enticing beers. Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme uncapped a best-of list for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bottle shops often include brands that may be new to purchasers. It also enables a mix-and-match approach to selections, allowing patrons to assemble their own six-packs. More, several offer seating and food, creating a unique opportunity for socializing.

The Foodery, at its Phoenixville location, made the list of the area’s best.

Customers can choose from Belgian, British, and German beers, as well as local brews. There’s also a small selection of Asian craft brews, plus a cooler dedicated to seasonal and special release options.

The Chester County location is more spacious than its Center City counterpart (on 10th Street), which sports a 1970s-corner-store vibe. It has been identified as Philly’s first craft bottle shop.

Across the area, The Foodery also has locations in Northern Liberties, Roxborough, and Chestnut Hill.

More on the area’s best bottle shops is in The Philadelphia Inquirer.