Philly Tech Trends: Game Center Round1 Entertainment Shows Off Impressive New Security System

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As much as companies value most of their customers, the unfortunate reality is that businesses will eventually encounter deceitful people trying to take advantage of them. That is why any serious organization needs to have a quality security system.

However, even with such measures, technological limitations can be an impediment to the best plans.

That is why gaming center Round1 Entertainment is getting attention for some of the methods they have been using. From the site Security, there was recently a post about some of their interesting surveillance updates.

With it being important to be able to review footage from quite a while ago, Round1 invested in a 124-terabyte remote storage system courtesy of Hanwha Techwin.

A large facility is going to have a lot of footage they need to preserve and keep it for months will use up a huge amount of space. While such a system can be a hefty investment, it beats paying for frivolous lawsuits from people falsely claiming they were injured due to your company’s negligence.

That storage space is doubly important when combined with the cameras Round1 used. 77 dual-headed cameras with fisheye lenses and high-resolution video.

This allows for a single camera to capture much more at once, and no having to worry about grainy, unreliable footage. It makes for larger file sizes on recordings, but the extra clarity is worth it.

And the file storage issues are mitigated in part by Hanwha Techwin WAVE, which allows for video compression to help keep file sizes more manageable.

It is a security system that offers you all the tools you need to be protected at a reasonable cost. As Round1’s Director of Loss Prevention, Matthew Strawn, said, “From an operations perspective, the day-to-day usage of the cameras is just so far superior to anything else on the market.”

To read more about this new surveillance system and the benefits it has, read Security’s post here.


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